pastorale - Lacrimedamore

" Se non puoi essere una stella nel cielo, sii almeno una stella nella tua casa"
... al servizio di Maria
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God calls everyday the married couples to live the "novelty of love", through the conversion of the hearts and the novelty of life, marked by the sufferings of the Cross and by the hope of the resurrection.
The acceptation of the project of God commits every family to carry out its proper duties in the today world: the education to freedom, to a strong moral sense, to belief and to the authentic human and christian values.   
To the family are primarily commited
evangelization and catechesis
in the sphere of the widest social community, the family has to witness the Gospel values, promote the social justice, help the poor and oppressed.
Christian Families can realize all this only through the perseverance in the common prayer, source of their grace.

   This website, even in its smallness, aims at being a contribution of our family to the witness of the message that Mary has sent to the world in Siracusa.
     We like thinking that someone, somewhere in the world, visiting "Lacrime d'amore" , could get to know also about the strong sign of maternal presence that the Virgin Mary has left in Siracusa.
     We like to imagine that this website could be of help to comprehend the message of the lachrymation, to pray with us, to give us suggestions

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